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Franco Prinsloo (Conductor | Composer) & Andries Brümmer (Manager)

"Having the privilege of managing such an amazing and talented group of people is the most rewarding experience ever! Creating a community where each Voxie is celebrated for their commitment, talent, and love for choral music gives me the greatest pleasure. Thank you Voxies for being part of all our crazy and out-there ideas and bringing your A-Game, each time when we perform." - Andries Brümmer (Bass & Choir Manager)

"Every time I introduce a new composition to the choir, I am overwhelmed by the absolute honour to be able to compose for the Vox Chamber Choir. The sense of purpose and belonging I experience is something to be truly grateful for. Combining this with passion and honest emotion, the experience of music-making becomes a powerful vessel of hope and joy. Thank you for giving me a platform to experience these sublime joys, Voxies." - Franco Prinsloo (Composer and Conductor of Vox Chamber Choir)

These stunning pictures of Franco and Andries were taken at our 2021 Vox Ball - Eleganza Extravaganza, by the talented JP Hanekom at the AfriForum Teater. We all dressed to impress for the Red Carpet, but Andries (and one other Voxie) stole the show with his traditional Scottish formal wear, celebrating his heritage.

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