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Hercules von Molendorff (Tenor 1)

“Music is what tell us that the human race is greater than we realize.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte

"The Vox Chamber Choir is a family. Every Thursday for 3 hours, we can forget about the world around us and enrich the soul with a melody. And through song, we find peace and harmony, even if it is just for those 3 hours. The past year and a half have been tough on everybody, but it is through the love and care of the people around you. That you realize that when people come together to sing a song, it melts away all your problems in that instance and leaves a lingering feeling of absolute bliss that carries you for the next week. And if you are able to touch people with music in the same way that the music touches your soul, that is art." - Hercules von Molendorff (Tenor 1)

These stunning pictures of Hercules were taken at our 2021 Vox Ball (Eleganza Extravaganza) by the talented 📸 JP Hanekom. The Full Video Production of the Oratorio, "Kruis van Liefde" is now available to stream and experience in your own home! Click here to get a ticket for our online streaming concert: Click here to listen to the sound recording of the full oratorio on YouTube:

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