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MEET THE VOXIES – T2: Chris Vale

Meet our Terrific Tenor: Chris Vale #Vox_Tribe

Q: What is your day job?

A: I am a professional singer and singing teacher, two jobs which dovetail ideally. I learn more about singing technique through teaching every day, and I’m very grateful for that.🎼

Q: How many years have you been singing in a choir?

A: To be brief, I started singing choir in grade 1 until high school, and then our school choir disbanded in grade 10. My first adult choir experience was with Opera Africa, when performing Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor in 2011. I’ve been singing in choirs and opera choruses on and off in the intervening years, but my first formal choral experience preceding Vox was with Unison Voices, now Canendo.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience with Vox to date?

A: My most memorable Vox experience has been our #Vox_Tour to Cape Town in June 2022, specifically our performance with Voces Cordis at the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre. It was an unforgettable experience. Listen to our recent recording of "Beati qui Lugent" that we performed at this concert. It is a phenomial work by our conductor, Franco Prinsloo. We connected on that day like no other.🥂

Q: What do you enjoy the most about being part of Vox?

A: Do I have to pick just one thing? There is so much to enjoy about Vox, but the best thing is making music with people you connect with deeply.

Q: Which piece is your favourite that you have performed with Vox Chamber Choir?

A: My favourite piece is, hands down, "Salve Regina". It’s a dream to sing and it moves me every time. A close second is "Cantata Modimo", which has me in floods of tears, making it very hard to sing, but such a joyful experience.😍

Listen to them here:

1. Salve Regina:

2. Cantata Modimo:

Q: What do you look forward to the most with Vox Chamber Choir?

A: I look forward to performing "Kruis van Liefde" live. I wasn’t in the choir when it was recorded, but what a privilege to be part of the first public performance.

Q: In which Vox-Tet (our octets) are you?

A: I am a proud member of "Die Heilige Hildegard Harmoniste"! (Team Red❤️) I’m so glad we won the #Vox_Potjiekos_Competition at this year’s #Vox_Choir_Camp!🏆

Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

A: The ability to travel at supersonic speeds without a plane. Or apparition. I just want to be able to travel the world without it costing me a fortune.

Q: What are you reading/binge watching at the moment:

1. Reading – An Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett and The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah;

2. Watching – I’m currently watching every clip on The Nanny’s YouTube channel, because I can’t stream the show anywhere in South Africa! I have a very long watchlist though, which includes Donkerbos, White Lotus, The Last of Us, and several movies. I'm already taking up too much space here.

Q: Name another hobby/interest you participate in?

A: I love to paint and sketch, but I’ve also recently taken up the guitar. It’s going to be a journey.😍

Q: Name a section in “Kruis van Liefde” that gives you goosebumps every time:

A: My favourite section from "Kruis van Liefde" has to be movement "V. Sal sy graf ooit oop kan gaan?". I get goosebumps just looking at the sheet music.

Get your tickets for 15 March, Kruis van Liefde, live at NG Universiteitsoord, Pretoria here. You do not want to miss this magical choral experience. Click here to get you tickets now!

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A: I would like to travel to Italy, but specifically Florence. It would be great to get that syndrome where you get so overwhelmed by the beauty that you become ill. #lifegoals

📸 Photo Credit: The beyond amazing, Yolandi Jacobsz - Loci Photography

Conductor and Composer of the Vox Chamber Choir: Franco Prinsloo Composer/Conductor

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