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THE VOX SPRING TEAM ~ Marilize Hattingh (S1)

We are super excited for our Vox Spring Concert | Vox Lentekonsert on Sunday, 03 September at 15:00 in the magnificent acoustics of the Heldesaal of Voortrekkermonument in Pretoria.💐

Marilize Hattingh is one of Sensational 1st Soprano’s and this is what she has to say about this spectacular up-and-coming concert:

"There is no better way to end a weekend and to celebrate the start of spring than to come watch the spectacular Vox Chamber choir in concert! And if the beautiful music isn’t enough, the acoustics in the Voortrekker monument will knock your socks of!

To be a part of such a professional choir is a huge honor. Not only is the music heavenly but you won’t find better camaraderie in any other conglomerate of people.

Singing the works of Franco Prinsloo as a 1st Soprano in the choir gives me so much joy as a trained singer. The way he writes for the voices to compliment each other is truly magnificent. People always say Sopranos have it easy and that they just sing the melody! Not with Prinsloo! He challenges all voices to step out of what is depicted as the norm.

Singing in a choir brings different types of people together with a common goal. Vox is no different and needless to say, rehearsals are the highlight of my week.

During our Spring day concert on the 3rd of September we will be singing my favourite piece ever composed by Franco: Agnus Dei. The first Prinsloo I ever heard when it was performed in a church in Potchefstoom way back in 2013. I was so moved by the piece when he conducted it that day for his youth choir, never in a million years imagining I would be singing that exact same brilliant piece - exactly 10 years later!

To fully undestand the magnitude of the music we will be performing at the Vox spring day concert you will have no choice than to come experience it for yourself!"

Get your tickets 🎟 for the concert here to see Marilize perform!

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