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“RED LIST: “AB-AF" is an Alphabetical list of the first fifty critically endangered South African plant species for mixed choir and percussion composed by Franco Prinsloo. The work was commissioned by marimba and percussion specialist, Magdalena De Vries.

The fifty scientific names of critically endangered local plant species are listed vocally by the choir. In this work, each plant is enumerated in the form of a lamentation, creating a dreamlike dance or lullaby. The sound of cracking of dead leaves are incorporated in the composition, and wooden percussion instruments underscore the fragility of life. The repetitive nature of the work hopes to compel the listener to enter an introspective meditation, honouring each plant name. The meditative qualities develop towards the conclusion of the work, where it ends as an urgent, rhythmic, primordial chant.

As a composer Prinsloo hopes that audiences and the performers can experience an emotional connection with the subject matter, urging change in our attitude towards our natural heritage. We hold the brittle fate of life in our hands. Let our ignorance and selfish behaviour not lead to the loss of our indigeneous natural treasures.

Come and see the Vox Chamber Choir and Franco Prinsloo perform this evocative work with percussionist and marimba player, Magdalena de Vries on the 31st of October 2021 at 14:00. The venue is the Level -3 Basement Parking, King Price Building, Menlyn, Pretoria

The wonderful artwork was created by our very own Simone du Plessis.

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