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THE VOX SPRING TEAM ~ Alex Bignotti (Baritone)

We are super excited for our Vox Spring Concert | Vox Lentekonsert on Sunday, 03 September at 15:00 in the magnificent acoustics of the Heldesaal of Voortrekkermonument in Pretoria.🌸

Alex Bignotti is one of our Brilliant Baritones, and this is what he has to say about this spectacular upcoming concert:

"I have only joined the Vox Tribe recently, but I already feel part of something absolutely great! Singing for the Vox Chamber Choir is an absolute privilege and I am so honoured to be part of this choral ensemble. First of all, singing Franco Prinsloo's original music not only has challenged me as a chorister, but also makes me so enthused with the reality of singing under the guidance of such a talented composer. Then there is the raw talent that surrounds me within the Vox Chamber Choir: everyone is just so skilled; I have never experienced "creating" together such a sound in any choir I've sung for before. Finally, the Vox Tribe is really a "tribe": the sense of camaraderie is just amazing; I guess it also has to do with the awareness that we're all part of something great.

As for the Spring Concert, I am so excited to sing inside the Voortrekker Monument: the acoustics in there should be truly spectacular! I can't really pick which piece I like the most; they're all truly works of art. That's it: on Sunday 3 September we're going to MAKE ART and I hope you'll come to experience what I would call a milestone in the history of South African (or international???) choral music."

Get your tickets 🎟 for the concert here to see Alex perform and not miss out.

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