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THE VOX SPRING TEAM ~ Engela Ebersohn (A1)

We are super excited for our Vox Spring Concert | Vox Lentekonsert on Sunday, 03 September at 15:00 in the magnificent acoustics of the Heldesaal of Voortrekkermonument in Pretoria.🌸

Engela Ebersohn is one of our Awe-inspiring Altos, and this is what she has to say about this spectacular upcoming concert:

"As the vibrant hues of spring paint the world anew, we, the proud members of #Vox_Tribe, are eagerly preparing to share our musical journey with you. It is with immense excitement that we invite you to join us for an unforgettable evening of choral magic at the historic Voortrekker Monument.

Among the many enchanting melodies in our repertoire, one that holds a special place in our hearts is "Ek Sal Sterf en Na My Vader Gaan." The sheer beauty of this piece captures the essence of our passion for music and the depth of our emotions as we bring it to life.

Set against the majestic backdrop of the Voortrekker Monument, our voices will resonate through the air, transforming the surroundings into a realm of harmony and melody. This iconic venue serves as a perfect canvas for us to paint our musical story.

As spring unfurls its delicate petals, our voices bloom in harmony, mirroring the renewal and growth of the season. The freshness and vitality of spring infuse our performance with a sense of hope and rejuvenation.

Our concerts are more than just musical performances; they're vibrant, energetic experiences that resonate with both our passion for music and our dedication to excellence. The energy we share on stage is palpable, creating an electric connection with our audience.

As I, a new member of #Vox_Tribe, eagerly step onto the stage, this concert marks my debut. What an honor it is to perform brand new compositions of the incredibly talented Franco Prinsloo. This exciting chapter in my musical journey fills me with gratitude and anticipation, and I can't wait to contribute my voice to the harmonious symphony of #Vox_Tribe.

With every note we sing, we evolve. My personal journey from Alto 2 to Alto 1 has been both a challenge and a tremendous experience. It's a testament to our growth as individual singers and as a cohesive ensemble.

As we prepare to take the stage, we extend an invitation to each and every one of you. Come and witness the symphony of voices that form #Vox_Tribe. Join us on this melodious adventure, as our music transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul.

Your presence is our ultimate joy, and we can't wait to share this musical tapestry with you. Secure your tickets and let us serenade you with the magic of choral artistry."

Get your tickets 🎟 for the concert here to see Engela perform and not miss out.

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