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We are super excited for our Vox Spring Concert | Vox Lentekonsert on Sunday, 03 September at 15:00 in the magnificent acoustics of the Heldesaal of Voortrekkermonument in Pretoria.🌸

Tiaan Ras is one of our Talented Tenors, and this is what he has to say about this spectacular upcoming concert:

"Many years ago I sang in another chamber choir where somebody asked prof. Johann van der Sandt how he knows a cluster chord is actually “in tune”. He explained that it is more “feeling it is in tune” than “factually knowing it is in tune”. I have the same sentiment when it comes to Vox Chamber Choir. Vox is definitely more of a “feeling” or an “experience” than a “rational description”. And that is why it is always best to “experience” us in a concert.

But let me give a shot at a sort of “rational description”…Vox Chamber Choir exists to transfigure notation on paper into sublime choral art. (Yes, a most gifted composer as conductor is a critical component in this mix!) We do this by striving for the highest artistic and technical choral excellence, and by building a tightly knitted community where we accept, support and encourage each other. It is with reason that Vox is often described as a phenomenon rather than merely being a choir.

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, rebirth and inspiration. A time that reminds us of beauty. Our repertoire at the Vox Spring Concert | Vox Lentekonsert will give a rare personal insight into the current narratives in Franco’s journey. Our program will, as always, include a few newly composed pieces, and can be best described as: beautiful. What makes our annual Vox Spring Concert | Vox Lentekonsert even more special is that it is the first concert for all the new Voxies. I do hope their loved ones will show their support with both attendance and applause, because it is a big deal to become a “real” Voxie!

The majestic acoustics of the Heldesaal at the Voortrekker Monument can only enhance the messages we will convey. I want to encourage you to come and "experience" Vox Chamber Choir. You will be inspired and rejuvenated, once again believing that beauty can exist in a chaotic world."

Get your tickets 🎟 for the concert here to see Tiaan perform and not miss out.


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